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comprehensive, cosmetic Dentistry In South-Central Michigan

When it comes to choosing a cosmetic dentist, many who only regard fees, end up disappointed. Exceptional cosmetic results come from a dentist who chooses to listen closely to your desires and concerns, forms a custom plan to meet your needs and uses an artistic eye to accomplish your goals. Here's what to consider in your research for a cosmetic dentist:

Dr. Watterson believes that your smile goals are based on what YOU want to see, not what we demand you do. Of course, we will offer our best counsel and provide you options along the way.

After all, Your smile Is Our Greatest Success!

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Tired of drowning in air? Oral sleep appliances are changing everything about living with sleep apnea.


Change your smile, and we guarantee it will change your life!


Straighten your smile with Invisalign's invisible aligners. (For adults AND teens!)


Regain your right to eat your favorite foods with dental implants.

Dr. Scott  Watterson

on Cosmetic Dentistry

"Serving as a general dentist for 20 years, I have developed and curated a passion for cosmetic dentistry in all its facets. I believe that form follows function and that is the basis of my practice- when your teeth are able to function the way you need them to, beautiful form naturally follows."


Many people would define cosmetic dentistry by what they've seen on "extreme makeover" type shows. However, subtle changes can be just as effective at improving a smile, as well as someone's confidence about smiling.

Thanks to shows like The Swan and Extreme Makeover, there are vivid demonstrations of what kind of changes are possible, but they may be misleading. Patients have declined cosmetic care (initially) because they thought those kinds of intense changes were the reason for doing it at all. Likewise, others have had the misconception that all cosmetic services are incredibly expensive or long, drawn out procedures, which discourages them from moving forward with what they truly want.

Dr. Watterson uses the most conservative treatment possible, while pursuing your maximum health and function. Our cosmetic care is specifically tailored to your needs, concerns and how you want your smile to shine in the end.


My desire is for the work of my hands to reach beyond the individual to impact everyone who is graced with their smile.

- Dr. Scott Watterson





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