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Sedation Dentistry

I'm Afraid Of The Dentist!


Sedation Dentistry

Having a fear of the dentist is not uncommon. Technology today allows us to provide you with a visit that will ease your fears and leave you with little to no memory!

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Oral Conscious Sedation

It's possible that just the promise of a pain-free visit can ease your fears. We offer oral conscious sedation for adults and children. Oral medication is taken prior to treatment in order to help you rest comfortably. Small or large amounts of dentistry can be done with oral sedation. And because of the relaxing effect of the medication, there is little to no pain or memory after the appointment. 

Dr. Watterson and Dr. Trancik have special certification through DOCS education, enabling them both to offer this comfort to patients.

*Patients must have someone to drive them to and from sedation appointments. 

Contact our office to learn more or schedule an appointment!

Nitrous Oxide

Instant on and instant off with little after effects, Nitrous Oxide- better known as laughing gas- helps you relax. We have found this is a great benefit for children who may be anxious about a visit to our office.



Local Anesthetic, "The Watterson Shake"

Dr. Watterson long ago pegged the phrase "The Watterson Shake" for his effective, gentle and distracting administration of numbing medication before treatment. Our hygienists are also licensed and skilled at administering local anesthetic. It is common for our patients to say, "I didn't feel a thing!"